Urban Works Publicity


“Simply Write” Press Release Packet  

                The packet includes a hand-crafted, specialized press release for your business with a minimum 500 word portrayal of your company, special interest story, or product launch.  The press release will then be dispatched on a minimum of 4 PR sites to be circulated to various media outlets and digital PDF format forwarded for personal use.


“Profile-raising” Promotional Press Kit

                The promotional kit is a collection of written materials designed to introduce an expert or a company to the media.  The kit will include an artistically attractive design, introduction cover letter, company/ expert bio, product-related postcard, listing of publications and speaking appearances, listing of clients, projects, or accomplishments, work samples, and a photograph of the expert in action.

                                                                                                                                $350      Digital file

                                                                                                                $450       Digital file plus 10 hardcopies

“Leaving Your Mark” Branding Proposal

                Branding is a foundational piece in your marketing communication.  This intensive plan is worked with the company/expert to clarify the brand’s objectives, defining the brand, find the appropriate target market, explore veiled business opportunities, examine barriers that will hinder growth, and finally work on brand packaging and identity.  Speakers will also receive a critique of their speech as well as a custom designed image board which includes assistance with professional styling.  This option should be completed before the press kit is issued for a more effective understanding of the direction in which the company will go. 



Urban Works Management Deal

Working as the spokesperson our team will develop and implement consumer promotional campaigns, manage speaking opportunities, draft and edit press releases, develop and maintain good working relationships with the media, respond to enquiries from reporters, and lastly, create and manage a working press kit.

                                                                                                                Monthly Fee Negotiated

                                                                                                                10% of speaking engagements

                                                5% of total product sales from events